Friday, April 9, 2010

Maybe a New Format?

As I'm able to begin posting a little more, I think I may try to do a physical update sometime during the day - if/where rash is present, any noticeable and painful inflammation, etc. So let's start now!

Rash: right hand between lowest knuckles of the index and middle finger (as seen above); pretty much my whole left arm, from the shoulder down; both cheeks, spreading into the neck region.

Pain: left ankle and knee, but much less noticeable than yesterday; left ear is having pressure problems; right hip; rash stinging pretty bad (esp left arm), except on face - there it's bringing along a feeling of fever (as usual); left hand - stinging, tingling sensations yesterday after leaving DR's (no logical reason for it) occasionally hurting again.

Inflammation: left ankle swollen, also less noticeable then yesterday; presume that pressure problems in left ear are related to swelling; slight swelling in lymph nodes on right side of neck - not visible but sensed by touch.

Meds: I have not taken any medication today.

Stress level: don't even ask, haha.

Other notes: Did not sleep well last night - paper and presentation due this morning. Bound to be similar situation all weekend. Feeling extra nauseous today - prob related to stress, lack of sleep, anxiety.

Things to make you/me smile:
  • It's baseball season :)
  • Almost done with capstone...
  • I graduate in a month
  • Things might get a little worse, but they're always bound to get better


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