Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I just turned in my senior thesis (aka capstone). It's pretty much the best feeling ever, aside from the anxiousness about the grade I'll get. I always get worried about that stuff for nothing though.

Rash: a little on my chest on face - honestly it's making me really warm and that's super annoying

Pain: my left wrist has just been acting crazy weird... I think it's because I've been driving more lately. It keeps freezing up on me... :(

Inflammation: left wrist definitely, a little in my left knee as well

Meds: none, but I'm seriously considering meds or booze at this point

Stress level: was pretty high, but now I feel SOOOO relieved after hitting that 'send' button, daaaang

Other notes: I've been feeling pretty sick to my stomach lately, but today it's been a little better. It's hard to tell whether or not this is arthritis or if I'm sick OR if I'm stressed. Blah.

Things to make you smile: Umm, did you read the first part of my post?!??

Just kidding!

Also, um, HOLY CRAP

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