Friday, November 26, 2010

One week off steroids

Well, my swelling/pain is down a little bit. My back is mostly better now. My hands are swollen still, but they pretty much always have been. My middle fingers tend to be the worst - my right one especially, but that's because I got beat up in kindergarten and hurt it pretty good. Ugh.

It was also my boyfriend's mom's birthday yesterday, so I got to make Thanksgiving dinner. My boyfriend came up with a helpful and arthritis-friendly idea - to make Hungry-Man turkey dinners! His aunt usually does that for Thanksgiving. It actually was pretty good. I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting things ready, but the cleanup was pretty quick (I love having a dishwasher for this reason, and I will not be without one again!).

We went bowling yesterday too, which was pretty fun. I kind of temporarily screwed up my wrist. I picked a ball that was perfect for me at the beginning, but eventually my fingers got more and more swollen, so I got to deal with a suction-cup effect. But it was pretty fun, and I even beat everyone else one game! Without bumpers, I might add.

Now I have a weekend full of work and research. Yay huge papers!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Second day off steroids

And it sucks. My left hand is shuay-shuay (Arabic for meh) but my right hand, holy cow. I can't straighten my middle finger. It's so swollen that bending it is getting to be pretty fun also. My back seems like it's hurting more than before. Oh, and my left knee has joined in the chorus of pain. Ugh.

The rheumy I'm going to see on the 30th doesn't have great reviews online. I hope he'll listen to me about needing to stay on the steroids for a bit, or finding a new medicine. The plaquenil just isn't handling the swelling right. Also, I need real pain medicine. I'm tired of taking too many Aleve.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My back started to hurt last week. I just thought it had to do with the fact that I checked out a crap load of books from the library. But over the weekend, while at work, my back began to hurt even more. It has gotten to the point in the last couple of days where I'm basically lying down in bed, trying to find a comfy position, and not doing really much of anything else for hours... like last night. It's really starting to be unbearable, though I slept a little better last night... but that was probably because of my half glass of wine, haha.

I've also been REALLY hungry lately. We're not talking about the run-of-the-mill I-haven't-been-eating-enough thing. Oh no. I'm getting hungry sometime between 2-3 hours after I eat - even if I eat a ton.

I'm starting to wonder if these have anything to do with the tapering of the prednisone. Today was actually my last day taking it. I really felt so much better taking 5mg every morning. As soon as I dropped the dose, swelling came back... and that's when my back started hurting. Hmm.

I'm not excited to see the full amount of swelling come back over the weekend. I just hope things stay mild, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. Blech.

Oh, and I've been having weird dreams for a while now pretty much nightly where I wake up in the hospital - without knowing what happened, of course - and the people closest to me are all there and super worried. No one ever says what happened. All I can hear is the beeping of the medical equipment, and my vision of everyone is really soft. It's almost like waking up to my alarm clock and that noise being so deafening that it drowns out all others... and being so tired still that everything is blurry. I just kind of fall back asleep and that's the end of the dream.

Is this me dying? Or my subconscious trying to handle how worried everyone gets about me, and my illness? It's just too cryptic to know.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh medicines

So I feel a little less Hulk, but a little more like I can't focus as well. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if I am not handling the prednisone well. I know that it can cause mood swings, but lowered attention span? Maybe.

The prednisone really has helped get my swelling down. I guess I never realized how swollen my whole body was all the time until I started taking it. My fingers look like my grandma's (she has really thin hands). Oh, and all of my clothes are either fitting better or falling off me... which is both great and slightly annoying, haha. It's helped lessen my asthma and psoriasis too, which is so great because both were really getting out of control.

I have a rheumy appointment on the 30th. I'm thinking of asking to stay on the steroids, or try another kind maybe. Everything about it is so good for me. Again, I just need to figure out the focusing thing, which I'm sure he can help with. I'm excited for my appointment, because it's a new rheumy at a new place. I think I tend to communicate better with men too, so that'll help. I usually get along better with guys, and there isn't as much of an awkward judging feeling as there is with women.

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to a basketball game in Milwaukee. I was kind of pensive about the whole thing, because I knew I was going to need to take more plaquenil in the middle of the game. But it all worked out great, because I got to be the go-and-get-food-and-soda person. It worked out better than I thought it would, and we had seats with a good amount of leg space, which was helpful for me and the tall guy with me.

I'm looking forward to hopefully more time to get homework done, and to enjoy the mild fall/winter that it looks like we'll have up here. Damn global warming for ruining the earth, but less cold also means less arthritis symptoms for me usually... Oh, the conflict!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm tired of being on steroids. I've been really emotional and melancholy lately, and I don't think the prednisone is helping that much anymore. I keep being really existential, and I think I'm having a quarter life crisis.

Also, I just got yelled at in the bathroom for using the handicapped stall by someone in a wheelchair. I was very nice and tried to explain that I was sorry but that my RA makes it hard sometimes to use the other stalls because they're so much lower. She just rolled her eyes and nodded.

I don't even know how to feel about that. I was in the stall for a while cause I was crying, which she must've heard. Is it wrong to be frustrated that she didn't seem to understand, or am I just being a baby about my condition lately?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kirsten Smash!

Okay, so it was my first day taking steroids.

I have no attention span. I keep getting hella warm/sweating, so that's sexy. Oh, and I have like way too much energy and feel like the Hulk. I cleaned my room and organized things - that should've been a two day job... or at least longer than two hours.

I felt like running, but knew that was a horrible idea.

And now my stomach hates me. Sprite does not help (which might be okay anyway cause it belongs to my roommate haha). The doctor wants me to take half of what she initially said, dosage-wise, so maybe that will help.

Oh! Also! I bought mittens today. They are much warmer than my cruddy gloves. Yay warm hands!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy Crap

I have had the most ridiculous two weeks ever. My rash last week was absolutely horrible, as was my swelling (oh, and here are pics).

I'm supposed to be starting Prednisone to take care of the swelling. It's not really an issue (comparatively) right now, but I'll do it. I just don't want chipmunk face :(

My boyfriend and I were out of town for the weekend, and any pictures of me look horrible. My face is swollen and gross. But I took some fun pictures nonetheless.

Oh, also, because of all that gross swollen body and rash and whatnot in the last two weeks, I'm an emotional wreck (I think).

I am ready to just be done with all this.