Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20 Miracl3 Cures!1! #NHBPM

Write about alternative treatments\regimens\meds - what is okay and what is crazy?

It's hard to take this one on for me honestly. Having been sick for 19 years, I am pretty sure I have heard it all... and it is nauseating. If I have to hear one more time about these bitches, I am done.

I'm pretty sure they're just used to get drunk.

Seriously. I'm pretty sure they do nothing and they're just nasty. Raisins are gross unless they're chocolate covered.


Here are some more of my less favorite "cures" and "treatments" that I've been told to use:

Apple cider vinegar, honey, and garlic

A) I'm allergic to shellfish so this is a no go and B) studies show it doesn't really do jack

This is, indeed, potato juice. Seems counter-intuitive since it's a nightshade...

Pretty sure all this did was turn my arm green and make it tougher to get warm

Yes, some people treat types of arthritis through bee stings...

First off, here is a video to explain how I feel about 'alternative treatments' from the great Tim Minchin:

Secondly, here are 'alternative' medicines that are widely accepted as legit:

Babies laughing!

Flowers in your hair!

Okay, you got me - it's massage!

Acupuncture aka Hell Raiser class 101

Hot tubbin' aka water therapy

PT for kids is playing on balls and cool stuff

Adult PT has its awkward points

Men holding you in the water!

But seriously, water exercises & hydrotherapy are awesome.

One of the things that makes it tough to sift through the shit that is the world of alternatives is that you can't really ever be sure with a lot of this stuff that it is really helping you or that what you are experiencing is essentially a placebo effect. For me, cinnamon and garlic seem to do a lot to help with my disease activity - but that's not always true. I know that being gluten free definitely helps with my intestinal issues and that avoiding dairy is probably better than not. But did I really feel better when I went paleo than I do now? What about being vegetarian? Eating a Mediterranean diet?

There really aren't any positive results from many of these things in studies. But we believe it helps us. Is that wrong?

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  1. Had me in stitches. I've heard that Glucosamine is effective in the treatment of osteo arthritis but not RA or stills disease. It can also be produced from wheat. (still no good for those of us that have a wheat problem)
    People can be well intentioned but oh sooo repetitive. As RA is such an individual disease it stands to reason that diet would also be an individual response