Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22: This is Why I Fight #HAWMC

"Write about something ordinary that's inspiring to you, something simple, perhaps overlooked, that fuels your activism."

First, allow me to give you some reading music:

I would be lying if I didn't say that there were a million reasons I fight for awareness and better treatments for rheumatic diseases. To me, every single motivating factor is simple and overlooked but perhaps not quite that ordinary.

Before I starting blogging, I thought I was nearly alone in my suffering. I didn't know the stats but I knew no one outside of my family that had any kind of juvenile arthritis. It wasn't until high school that I met someone else (also named Kirsten!) who had it growing up and her disease was in remission. In college, I didn't know anyone with any rheumatic disease save a coworker at a department store. Many of you know I began blogging because I couldn't discuss my issues with my now-fiance due to anxiety and rejection issues. But then I started hearing from others with this and other rheumatic diseases. Now I know so many families affected with Still's and other autoimmune arthritis types, be it an adult in the family or a child.

So what motivates me?

  • The face I get when I talk about having an arthritic disease if I'm not able to use a large description to really explain what happens
  • Waking up to see this sign every single morning
  • Idiot articles and show bits in the mainstream media, like Dr. Oz and that recent 'cured' child
  • Kids and other adults living with this and other rheumatic diseases, no matter their severity or disease status
  • People that have lost the battle with this and other rheumatic diseases
  • Laura's dedication and mission was conatgious more than she ever knew
  • My fiance's dedication, encouragement, and support
  • Watching my sister battle this disease with incredible strength
  • My baby niece - chances are she won't end up with this or another form of JA, but in case I will fight to get as close to a cure as we can before she even gets sick

Me and Mia


Laura, I miss you so

Me and the fiance

My sister and my niece Missy

I love you all. I may not even know you, but you've clearly come here because you or someone you know is fighting this or another rheumatic disease. It is a tough road to go down, but trust me things will get better. And if they're bad right now, scroll back up and look at my baby niece!

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  1. My Humira hasn't been working as well lately. I miss the days when the Humira was working fairly well and I had minimal pain. I haven't been "pain-free" in a few years, but, pain level of a 2 or 3 feels amazing after pain levels of 7 or 8 (or higher). It's a reminder that even when you feel "better", your body is still sick. So, I keep going on and telling everyone I can what it's like, what it is and what we can do to help. I'll keep at it.