Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful (early 2015 year in review)

This year has been intense.

I started the year off with a new job.

And hung out with Jason Kidd.

We adopted another piggie, Oreo, to bring our grand total up to three.

I bought a car!

And started therapy again, which has been amazing.

I met Cary Elwes, even though he was kind of a dick.

I got to watch Sammy go from the NICU to crawling all over.

I cut off all my hair.

I spent a lot of time with my sister in law before she moved to New York (!), including our tipsy birthday shenanigans.

I did two concerts in one day and got really nice comments on them.


I visited both sides of Florida, as well as California.

I gave a speech about how imperative it is to find your support system with depression.

I got to hang out and meet some of my favorite people (and beings) in the world.

We saw Amy Schumer and it was everything I wanted plus.


I went from never having been to any conference to attending three this year, and it was amazing. Each one brought me new insights into everything from being a patient to how physicians feel to what gaps I can fill, like the upcoming #ChronicSex chats.

Speaking of, I started blogging for Creaky Joints out of a fun conversation at the AI G8 conference in May.

I got two new tattoos...

I don't like 'hope' so I got believe because I BELIEVE I will be better
I started a medicine that like actually works *GASP* thanks to changing insurance & my rheumatologist.

And taking it everyday isn't as bad as I thought it might be, especially since I only had like two weeks of injection site reactions... as long as I stay away from my legs!

It's easy, too, knowing my inflammation markers look like a normal person's!

I started school again which has been interesting.

Gus is super helpful with my papers
I've helped Jaq get more comfortable being loved on.

I got diagnosed with a fun eye thing that is likely related to the dryness my body has.

Anterior Basement Membrane Dystrophy aka my cornea cells stick to my eyelid :( 
I started physical therapy again and have really gotten a lot stronger for it.

I got to meet and talk a bit with one of my favorite musicians, Say Hi.

I started a petition to get Lucy's battle with arthritis heard, only to get an angry phone call from their estate/licensing company and get interviews on major sites pulled/censored.

And I celebrated Arthur's birthday in such a different way.

Okay, I made cake because I always do, but it was different. Instead of being mad, I missed him. That constant and familiar pain being lessened and nearly gone is great!

But it's also scary. It removes the one constant I've had in my life, so it's weird.

Also, the Lucy news stories got taken down the afternoon before and I didn't get a full answer until the next week, so that put a damper on things.

It's been an interesting year all in all.

I wasn't expecting to be in California twice this year, but seeing Sammy sick and knowing that my sisser and my Missa needed me there made it so worth it. Missa needed silliness and a pizza-sharing friend. Kelsey needed my love and support. And I needed Sammy.

I loved seeing them twice this year.

Attending the conferences and working on projects with various organizations has really helped me to learn more about myself, about my dreams for the future and what I can do to get there. It's helped me make connections to get there, too, which is so important.

I have exciting plans for the next one, but I have to wait to talk about them GAH.

It'll be awesome though.

Speaking of awesome...

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