Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A holy cow of a rheumy update

I saw my rheumatologist on Friday morning.

Last week, I cried in my office. In the year I've been seeing my rheumy, this is what my sed rate has done:

My doc sent me this note along with the lab results: "SO impressive to see from 8 months ago how wonderful your labs are now." 

And she hasn't even seen it from the beginning...

From Fri at 8:45 am - 
I'm about to leave work to backtrack towards my house and head to my appointment. I'm nervous, especially as I realized yesterday I'm in my first fibro flare where Arthur has not joined in. 
It's weird.

We agreed that I'm in a fibro flare... and that I should stop swim class.

It's too much right now.

BUT everything else is SO AMAZING!

I showed my doc the graph above and she was just astonished. I don't know what all is factoring into me feeling so well, but we both agreed that this is something that was SO needed.

No mention of the R-word yet - I don't think either of us want to go there too soon.

Now I can get to truly helping others the best that I can.

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