Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Help the #Spoonie Family

I know that so many of us are struggling financially to make it, so I always hesitate to share things that ask for money. I definitely have only done it once where it benefits me and, even then, that was for my nephew's heart surgery shortly after birth.

Still, there are definitely those who need the community to come together and help. Since there are a few right now, I wanted to share them in a single post and help raise awareness.

I won't lie - as well as Sam is doing healthwise, things still are really rough for my sister and her little family. My sister's health is still not great - between her accident at a former job and caring for the kids, it's not easy for her to bring in money, which means her hubby is working a lot. She needs a lot of money for dental and medical care that isn't there right now, and their living situation definitely needs improvement. 

Having a little extra money from time to time would definitely be helpful for this sweet family. If you can donate, please do so here.

My friend Dani is amazeballs. She and I connected at MedX last year and we've been super close ever since. She and my sister have become close, too, since Alexandra deals with a Congenital Heart Defect as Sam did when he was born. The big difference is that Sam's defect was fixed with one surgery - Alexandra needs many.

From their home in Arizona, they have had to travel several places to get Alex the best care - California, Boston, and now Chicago. In the spring of next year, they will be heading to Chicago again in order for Alex to have her next surgery. Due to Alex's medical complexity and the medical issues facing others in the family, money isn't easy to come by.

Without these surgeries, it's not known how long Alex will be around. No parent should be dealing with what Dani and Kevin are - no sibling should deal with what Aria is - and no child should be going through what Alex does.

If you can help, please donate here.

Christine Miserando, the woman who created The Spoon Theory, has had a very hard year. She had a daughter stillborn and began to deal with issues related to pregnancy and illness affecting every part of her body - especially her teeth. Like my sister, Christine needs a lot of dental work in addition to money to help cover medical bills associated with Olivia's passing.

If you can help, please do so here.

I just started reading Jessica's blog. She is into vintage fashion and has an amazing outlook.

On October 13th, there was a fire at her home. She, her husband, and their dog are safe, but they lost their cat. Virtually everything they own was lost in the fire from their cat to her work to priceless family items that can never be replaced to her medical things.

You can donate here and find out other ways to help over on Facebook.

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