Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dealing with Tough Days #HAWMC

Today's Health Activist Writing Month Challenge prompt: Everyone has tough days, but how do you pull yourself out of the rut? Maybe you blog, repeat affirmations or listen to a favorite playlist. Write about what tools, tips or practices you use to lift your spirits after a rough patch.

I do whatever I can to grab inspiration or laugh.

I listen to Hamilton. I remind myself why I fight for things, because "where I come from, some get half as many" years as I have so far. 

Sometimes, though, that doesn't work or, oddly enough, makes how I'm feeling worse... like right after the election. I don't think it's any secret that I'm very anti-Trump. The man is not someone that is a safe person for those of us with disabilities as well as many many others.

I try not to get into politics here, but this isn't politics as usual.


Sometimes I just need something that makes me laugh. I watch a lot of Monty Python or adult-theme cartoons like South Park and Bob's Burgers. Other times, I need something where I just get invested like Cake Wars or other baking/cooking competitions.

Other times, I really really like to get my scare on. American Horror Story or horror films are where it's at for me. I really enjoy exorcism or asylum-related things or episodes of shows involving ghost hunting. 

The guinea pigs sure help, too.

What do you do during a rough day?


  1. I enjoy cuddling up with my favorite blanket and sipping on a good cup of tea while I wait to be frightened by a horror movie! B-horror can really get to me sometimes because then it's terror and laughter! We'll have to share recommendations.

  2. Most definitely on those recommendations! I just watched Housebound yesterday and it was great. It's a horror flick from New Zealand and more like Shaun of the Dead than super super scary, but incredibly well done so I definitely recommend it.

    1. It's not really "horror, horror" but you might like What We Do in the Shadows. I'll have to check out Housebound today, thanks!!

  3. I am always open for a good laugh. Laughing is the medicine of the soul. Laughing gives me a change to open myself to others. It is the very best.