If you're newly diagnosed with a type of arthritis, check out this post first. If it's Juvenile Arthritis you're interested in, check out JA Basics. If it's Systemic JA or Adult-Onset Still's, check out this guy. Looking for CBD resources? This is the page for you.

Websites on Juvenile Arthritis

Websites on Living with Autoimmune Arthritis as an Adolescent/Younger Adult
Other Websites and Blogs on Autoimmune Arthritis and Other Chronic Illnesses
Autoimmune Arthritis and Other Chronic Illness Organizations
Meditation, Self-love, Self-care, and Happiness
Sex and Relationships
The Transition to Adulthood
Studenting with Chronic Illness
Shops, Stores, and Companies Run by Chronically Awesome People

My Journey with PTSD
Results of Child Abuse
Healing from Abuse and PTSD

Books on Juvenile Arthritis
  • A Parent’s Guide to Rheumatic Disease - ISBN 9780195341898
  • Raising a Child with Arthritis - ISBN -912423196
  • Your Child with Arthritis: A family guide for caregiving - ISBN 0801852935
  • Juvenile Arthritis: The ultimate teen guide - ISBN 9780810860551
  • Taking Arthritis to School - ISBN 1891383213
  • Keeping a Secret: A story about JRA - ISBN 0929173341
  • Juvenile Arthritis - ISBN 0736802797
  • Living with Juvenile Arthritis - ISBN 9781938170249
  • It's Not Just Growing Pains - ISBN 978-0195157284
Books on Autoimmune Arthritis and Other Chronic Illnesses
  • Despite Lupus: how to live well with chronic illness - ISBN 9781439234891
  • Yoga for Arthritis - ISBN 9780393330588
  • A Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases - ISBN 0912423161
  • Partners in Healing - ISBN 9781590304150
  • How to Be Sick: a Buddhist-inspired guide for the chronically ill and their caregivers - 9780861716265
Books on Changing Healthcare and Patient Engagement
  • When Doctors Don't Listen - ISBN 9781250048486
Books on Meditation, Self-love, Self-care, and Happiness
  • Tiny Buddha - 9781573245067
  • Rebel Buddha: on the road to freedom - 9781590308745
  • Waking the Buddha: how the most dynamic and empowering Buddhist movement in history changed our concept of religion - 9780977924561
  • How to Be Sick: a Buddhist-inspired guide for the chronically ill and their caregivers - 9780861716265
  • How to Wake Up: a Buddhist-inspired guide to navigating joy and sorrow - 9781614290568
Books on Healing from Abuse & PTSD
  • A Gift to Myself: a personal workbook and guide to healing my child within - 1558740422
  • Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life - 1585426245
  • Growing up Again: parenting ourselves, parenting our children - 1568381905
  • Healing the Child Within: discovery and recovery for adult children of dysfunctional families - 0932194400
  • It Wasn't Your Fault: freeing yourself from the shame of childhood abuse with the power of self-compassion - 1626250995
  • Mean Mothers: overcoming the legacy of hurt - 0061651362
  • Mothers Who Can't Love: a healing guide for daughters - 0062204343
  • Sickened: the memoir of a Munchhausen by proxy childhood - 0553803077
  • The Nice Girl Syndrome: stop being manipulated and abused--and start standing up for yourself - 0470179384
  • The PTSD Workbook: simple, effective techniques for overcoming traumatic stress symptoms - 1572242825
  • Where Were You When I Needed You dad?: a guide for healing your father wound - 1880883007
  • Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: healing the daughters of narcissistic mothers - 1439129436

Music Fun

I've been singing since I was born practically. Recently I've gotten much better at it! Here you can find my music (mostly covers) and other fun music-related things.

You can check out a bit of one of my concerts here.

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