I am sunburned and very tired, but probably the happiest I’ve been in a long time. This vacation was exactly what I needed and more.

Noah’s Ark is America’s largest water park and it shows by how much you have to walk around there. The big boy wave pool really is a big boy wave pool – yikes! The rides were a ton of fun. My boyfriend and I did some other things, like Duck rides and boat tours, the deer/other animal feeding/petting park thingy, and more. It was so much fun, especially House on the Rock.
I miss it so much already, but life must go on eventually I suppose.
All that’s been hurting lately is the sunburn stuff. We did a lot in the water the first day and I think that was enough water therapy to help my body out. Plus, someone is very considerate about how things affect my body, so it’s easy to stay within my comfort zone.
My appetite has been having a problem lately, except for reaaaallly late at night (like now for instance). Annoying.

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