things to make you smile


I’m am like super stressed out right now. Things are going on with the graduate school that are making it really difficult to want to go right now. I also have to finish some papers and revisions before graduation. Just thinking about all of it stresses me out, and then I procrastinate because I’m trying to relax so I can focus.

Also, I’m just really tired. I haven’t really had a lot of caffeine lately, so I blame that.
Rash: left knee, slightly, and both pinky fingers
Pain: oddly not really any…
Inflammation: right ankle
Meds: none
Stress level: super high 🙁
Other notes: I’m pretty sure my ankle hurts because the weird new shoes I’m wearing. Told ya I have a problem, haha
Things to make you smile: my boyfriend being adorable 🙂

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