Say Whaaaat?

Drinking in moderation can slow the progression of RA? I think I talked about this a few weeks ago, but it still is a very intriguing topic. The dehydration properties of alcohol could have something to do with this, I suppose. The elimination of water in the body could potentially lead to less swelling.

Rash: none

Pain: slight pain in left ankle, but not too bad; small amount of stomach discomfort

Inflammation: left knee is starting to swell a bit

Meds: none

Stress level: moderately high, but it’s also my birthday, so I don’t care hahaha

Other notes: In two weeks from today, I will be in Oregon for vacation after graduation. I’m going to try to post a couple of times while I’m there, but don’t be surprised if I don’t get to.

Things to make you smile: the ever-handsome t-rex

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  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a fab day.. I'm very intrigued about the drinking in moderation and may have to do my own field test 😉

  2. Thanks!

    Haha, yeah it's an interesting concept. I've been toying with it for about two weeks or so. If you drink to the point of getting drunk, you obviously feel super sick. But, if you only have like two drinks (maybe three if you're eating a lot), everything seems to feel better. I hope it's not just a placebo effect!

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