Almost There!

I have one day, 17 hours, and about 20 minutes until the graduation ceremony starts.

There are only two days, 12 hours, and about 50 minutes until the plane for Oregon is scheduled to leave Milwaukee.
I set up mobile publishing so I can update y’all on my vacation, but honestly I’ll probably forget, haha.
Rash: my face, again 🙁 It’s going to happen during my graduation pictures, I just know it. Awesome.
Pain: my knees are a little sore today…
Inflammation: because they’re swollen!
Meds: none actually… Weird
Stress level: packing, moving, packing for the trip, and getting ready for graduation – yeah, kinda high
Other notes: I have heard “Afternoon Delight” thrice at work tonight.
Things to make you smile: MEN IN BLACK THREE????

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