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I have had a migraine for 17.5 hours and counting. Sleep did not get it to go away and I’m pretty sure medicine will not help at this point. Last night, it was more like an intense all-over headache, but today it’s behind my left eye. It almost feels like my left eye is on fire, and that someone tried to cut around it.

Perhaps coffee will help. I doubt it, but that might be deliciously distracting.

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  1. Ugh, I know what these are like. I would get them for days at a time and end up needing IV meds to control them. The caffeine in the coffee might help. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! After two very large cups of coffee, and a brief nap, things are looking up.

  3. This is my second attempt at Plaquenil. The first did horrible things to my stomach and I went off it after about a month and a half. This time I am on a low dose split in two. The first couple days I felt sick but about a week later I am doing OK. However, this might have something to do with me missing two morning doses in a row…

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