fatigue, lower body

مي حد هرتز

(read: my head hurts)

I tried some crazy flavors of ice cream yesterday, oh my gosh. Mango habenero was excellent, as was french toast & maple bacon AND pear ginger. Horchata just tasted like old horchata. White chocolate and pomegranate was too waxy… and apple cheddar was just awkward. The creamery we went to also had a mystery flavor that I swear was salsa. Also, I got to pet a baby cow! And then we went to African fest, which was awesome until we got jealous of people’s vuvuzelas 🙁

So I’m not feeling any better today. Yesterday, all the lymph nodes on my head were either swollen and hard, or swollen and oopy/leaky… This hasn’t happened to me for a really long time. They were so bad that it hurt to lean my head on anything, but my neck was getting so stiff from not resting, so eventually I stopped caring. It’s still really sore, but I’m sure it’ll be worse after I get done with work again.

Now I’m at work, having not showered beforehand again because I tried to give my body an extra few minutes of sleep. Apparently it didn’t help at all, because my left knee is trying to kill me I think.

I’m also kind of dizzy this morning, AGAIN. I’m seriously getting annoyed with that. Bah!

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