Funky Rash?

Okay, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I had an ingrown hair, which I promptly picked. The next morning, I had a welt about half the size it is now. This morning, I noticed bruising in the middle and now tonight the welt is larger. I think it’s just a harmless staph infection but who knows. It doesn’t look that bad.

In an odd twist of events, my knee feels a little better than it normally does, especially with the amount of walking I’ve been doing because of school. But it does feel somewhat hollowed out.

I’ve also been considering the possibility that my little sister might have lupus. She always has a butterfly rash on her face, similar to pictures I have seen. I always listen to House, who tells me constantly that it’s never lupus… but he’s been wrong before.

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  1. Butterfly rashes are very specific for lupus. Hoping thats not what it is but she should get checked out as autoimmune problems run in families. Hope things are OK!

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