Tuckered Out

Yesterday I got to see my best friend after our schedules not meeting up for almost four months. She, another friend, my boyfriend, and myself went to the Taste of Madison, which was pretty fun. I took the bus, and then walked a mile just to get there – in about 20 minutes I might add. So with all the walking around we did, I’m sure I walked a couple of miles, and was on my feet all day, standing still for a free concert for like two hours or so.

I wore flip flops yesterday. I have an addiction to them that is so unhealthy for me. But today at work, I’m wearing sneakers.

Those shin splits just suck so bad.

Oh! Also, we saw a band on State St yesterday from my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Go figure. They’re the Blair Street Mugwumps, and I highly suggest you check them out.

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