I’m Crazy

Sometimes, literally, I think.

I volunteered for an extra shift at work tonight, 3-11:30. And the guy coming after me is always late. Oh, did I mention I work tomorrow 7-3? And that we have a huge snowstorm coming soon? Laaaaammmmeee.

I’m trying to figure out if I should sleep at the hotel or go home. I’m leaning toward the former, but I just don’t know. The boyfriend brought up the issue of clean clothes. I feel like I need emergency underclothes in my car at all times.

If I do stay here tonight (aka, yeah I probably will), I am thinking I will stay in one of the handicapped-friendly rooms. The shower has a low bath lip (edge? is there a term for this?), and there is a bath chair if I need it… which might be interesting to try.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon it’ll be easy to get home, but who knows with 6-12″ on the way… Blech!

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  1. I know you were on the second floor, was it one of the handicapped-friendly rooms?

  2. No it was not. It was a huge fluffy king bed that I got to sprawl all over. Mmmm fluffy bed.

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