Mmm Blizzards

So I didn’t stay at the hotel on Friday night, but I DID stay on Saturday. We got a ton of snow, and it took me forever to clear my car off. Thanks to temperatures, it’s still not all the way cleared off. Awesome.

It’s officially finals week, which means I actually have to do the papers I’ve been putting off all semester. Crap. Good news is, after tonight, I’m done with hotel work until Sunday, so I’ve got plenty of time. And I’m going to talk to my advisor tomorrow about the paper for her class, because I feel lost.

I am so ready for exactly one week from now. My final final paper is due next Tuesday by 5pm, and I can start to focus for realz on Christmasy things. Oh, and random reading. I’m kind of excited about that.

For now, I’m going to try to make more headway on that paper, and hopefully get ready for my last day of classes tomorrow.

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