I’m kind of in love with the woman who wrote this. Here are just a few of my favorite spots, but please please please go read this for yourself:

Often, when going through the process of diagnosis for juvenile arthritis… one of the potential outcomes parents get to chew on for awhile is Cancer. Leukemia was one of the diagnoses we were testing for when Caitlin was hospitalized with high spiking fever, swollen joints, white blood cell counts off the charts etc. When cancer was ruled out – we were so very relieved. This is very common and I’ve spoken to so many parents who have been through the same thing. One mother, though, had remarkable courage when she told me that sometimes, she wonders if cancer would not have been better. Before you judge, you should know that her son has one of the worst cases I have ever seen, and as a young adult, has already lived over 15 years in excruciating pain with no sign of relief in the future. He struggles with depression and mustering the will to live…. So please understand where his mother is coming from when she wonders if cancer might not have been easier. Either he would have been cured… or he would no longer be in pain. That is a powerful and courageous admission….and reminds me all the time of how unacceptable arthritis is.

It is not acceptable for people to give up their dreams, and their mobility, and their health. We should not tolerate willingly this loss of quality of life… this financial burden, this tidal wave of malady.

But what it boils down to for me is something like the serenity prayer….God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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  1. I have often wished I had cancer too…I haven't been pain free in over a decade. I am only 22. I have Lyme Disease in my brain, joints, GI tracts, etc.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your situation, but I definitely understand. I was five when I first got sick. Though, sometimes I think that makes me lucky, since I've had to live with the pain longer than not.

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