health adventure

Oh holy crap

I haven’t been able to work out again since the fitness assessment. And I think my body is rebelling.

Also, I found a massage therapist close to work that has a lot of training in how to deal with fibromyalgia, which her mom has. Even though it’s not quite the same, I think it’ll really help my Still’s if I can get in to see her at least once here in the next little while.

I am so ready for school to start again. I ordered the textbooks that were listed for now. I hate how long it takes for profs to put those up.

And I finally get to go get new tires soon, which is so wonderful. I’ll be glad to not be slipping and sliding around as much in the snow.

If I don’t get to go see the massage lady today, my plan is yoga (as much as I can do right now), shower, and probably bowling. Oh, and I might go see if I can get a netbook tonight because my laptop keeps acting up and it’s pretty bulky to take to classes all the time.

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