Don’t stop, get it, get it

Well, the weather here in Wisco has been beautiful. And I wish I could be out enjoying it. I’m dealing with a cold. And we’ve been under an air quality alert, meaning those with compromised immune systems should be careful how much time they spend outside. Lame.

But Tuesday, I went to the gym and I busted that butt… while playing sudoku. Aw yeah. I was able to run a little bit and bike like crazy for like 20 minutes. And then I set up an appointment with a physical trainer for this coming Thursday. I’m a little apprehensive about working with a guy versus a girl, but he also has arthritis so that kind of makes up for the worry. He really seems like he knows what he’s talking about, so I’m excited.

The last two days, I have felt like poop. I want to sleep – and have – a lot more than I should have. I keep trying to fall asleep wherever I am, so that kind of sucks. Hopefully that and my cold clear up soon.

BUT! The super exciting news is that I just got promoted to front desk manager at work. So I’m pretty excited about that. Well, as excited as I can be with being so tired. At least I’m good at faking excitement and energy so I don’t look sluggish.

I should have a new post up over at the Achieve Clinical site soon, and will put up a link once it’s active.

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