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Writing Prompts

Okay, not that someone who is sick needs them, but I discovered a page of writing prompts today that I really like. You can view the site here, and click ‘get inspiration’ for new prompts. I’ve gone through several already and I love them. So, in an effort to get myself to write more, I shall be posting some responses to these prompts and maybe others comment their answers too and we can all have fun with it!

The one I just saw (and of course clicked through, d’oh!) went something like this: “The world is going to end tomorrow unless you get a giant tattoo covering your entire back. What do you get?”

I thought about this one for a while. I have wanted to get a tattoo but am worried about the swelling afterwards and also not super excited about needles… or how the tatt will look when I’m old. I love peace signs – they are probably my favorite thing ever. Yup, hippie chick here. And yet, a giant peace sign wouldn’t cut it, you know?

I want this:


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