A really really vulgar rant

I just found out that someone tried to steal money from my bank account via hacking my PayPal account.

So, understandably, I need to rant. Please forgive this post. /end apology/


Out of all the people, you went for the girl with a crappy account balance eh? Wanna know why? Because I’m horribly sick, have been and will be all of my life. I will probably die 10 years earlier than anyone else I associate with, because of all the fucking medications I pump into my body in an attempt to be ‘normal’ – something you probably are with the exception of trying to rip people off. You probably don’t have to REALLY think about if you need to pee bad enough to actually get out of bed and hobble the 15 feet over to the bathroom. You also probably can do things with a normal schedule, not having your body change how it feels and what it can do every five minutes. You probably have never known the horrors of waking up to a huge swollen face like a sumo wrestler and not really being able to see because your arthritis is flaring up in your face.

You also probably don’t go to school full time and work full time. You don’t know what it’s like to have to balance so many things at once, especially when your health is shit. If you get the flu, you probably stay home for a day and then are fine. If I get the flu, I have no choice but to work, go to school, and deal with my broken body. I probably then get even sicker, and end up spending the days off I DO have in bed trying to recover.

The economy sucks, sure. Maybe you don’t have a job, so all you do all day is try to hack into accounts and have them purchase fake iPhones for $700 dollars.

But, you know what?

I work my fucking ass off for MY money. Being sick all the time isn’t cheap, and neither is needing crazy amounts of medication or going to doctors and dentists once a month. So next time, so fuck with someone who has a cushy job and won’t miss the money. I have rent due on Monday and hopefully this all works out. If not, you’re gonna fucking get it.

/end rant/

I’m gonna go to the gym now.


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