Share Your Favorite Rheumatoid Arthritis Activists & Resources with WEGO Health!

Hey guys! I’m sure by now you guys already know that I work with Achieve Clinical, blogging about my RA experiences. Well, I’m going to be working with an additional site, and am really excited about it.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with WEGO Health, they’re a different kind of social media company – with a mission to empower the top 10% of online health social media contributors to connect with one another and with healthcare companies.  They call those folks Health Activists – but they’re people like me and you who are community leaders, bloggers, on Facebook, on Twitter, leading online forums, and usually “all of the above.”
As part of their mission, WEGO Health has recently launched a new Health Activist video platform called WEGOHealth.tv where they are presenting the authentic voice of the online community in the form of Health Activist-created videos and resources.
Right now, they’re working on a Rheumatoid Arthritis Channel and they’ve asked for my thoughts on resources and video ideas.  I wanted to make sure that all of you had a chance to weigh in as well so I hope you’ll take a minute and let them know what you’d like to see on the channel!  You can share your resources and ideas (or just sign up to get notified when the channel launches!) here: WEGOHealth.tv Rheumatoid Arthritis Channel.
By sharing our favorite resources and tools, we’ll help to make this new Channel as valuable as possible.
/end pre-written transmission/
But seriously, you guys should check it out. I’ll be posting little video snippets of myself talking about my RAxperiences (yes, I just made a new word) and all the fun things I go through. If you have any topic ideas, totally share with me and I can pass them along!
I let you guys know when the channel is up and running, but it’s expected to be set up by next Wednesday I think.
Yay activism!

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