health adventure


So I’ve thrown up again. Yay.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. The pain isn’t quite as bad as I was expecting. The right side is worst, but that’s where four teeth were taken out, as opposed to two on the left. I only had three wisdom teeth apparently, but also needed the tooth immediately in front of each wisdom tooth removed due to breaking.

I just miss eating. What I do eat I seem to throw back up because it’s not enough to help me stomach the pain meds I’m on… which isn’t too surprising since it’s twice as strong as what I normally take.

Odd side comment – my knees feel amazing. As soon as that laughing gas hit my system yesterday, my knee got crazy shakey and now haven’t hurt at all. I’m kind of loving that.

Well, I’m sure I’ll be blogging more as I throw up more, haha.

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