Yesterday started out awesomely enough. Got to snuggle before I had to take the boyfriend to class, gave out some kick ass Vday cards, had some delicious ginger ale.

Then I got to work and found out that the way something had been explained to me about attendance was not correct, or I misunderstood, whatever. It’s not in the manual so it’s not like I could look it up if I had questions. Long story short, I’m one really bad day away from being fired – one bad day in a month and a half. Yeah, right.

Oh, I thought I was pissed then, I really did. So I decided to talk to HR.

Either that was an awesome idea or a really, really bad one because I totally found out where people with disabilities stand apparently.

I was met with a scoff, with a question of do you even want to work or are you even capable of working, and with an explanation that they will not rewrite everything for me.

Which is not at all what I was asking. I was asking for some leniency on attendance. I was assured that what I was asking for would be looked at, but that had this happened during my first three months instead of my second that I would have had a better chance to get leniency. Nonetheless, I held my cool (despite feeling like shit and like he was stomping on my face). I suggested that I could get a doctors note to explain why I would need some leniency there. Who knows if that will really help.

He kind of seemed to think that I was lazy and didn’t want to work. That’s not the case at all. I want to work, but sometimes my body needs a break.

In the meantime, I’m looking for other jobs because I’m pretty sure they’re not going to help me out. And I’m pretty sure when they fire me, I’ll be filing complaints left and right on how I felt discriminated against the second I walked into his office.

I’m feeling pretty pissed off still. It gave me the motivation to finish up my taxes so I could have that extra money.

And I started looking at disability. I don’t think I’m bad enough to get it. But I also know that if my back doesn’t calm down, I’m gonna choke someone until I get some medication that works, an MRI, someone to shoot me – something.

If it comes to that, I’m hiring Archer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry you have had such a crappy time at work. You know that saying you wouldn't wish your pain and illness on anyone else as it is so bad. Somwetimes I am tempted too…..especially on rude, ignorant people including friends and family who irritate me!
    Just for a little while until they understand.
    Keep strong.
    Lorna x

  2. Thanks honey. It is really hard to not get super angry over this and want to do things to show how it feels. I definitely thought about how I wanted him to feel this pain, to really understand. But then I also was saddened at how hard my heart felt and how disgusted with myself I felt after thinking that. If I was 'normal' who is to say I wouldn't be as disbelieving as him?

    You know, aside from the fact that I love helping people and hate seeing them hurt, haha.

  3. What a douche! Surely your doctor can write some sort of letter, are your bosses ware of the severity of rheumatoid arthritis? Maybe they're just ignorant, or maybe they're just horrible people. I hope you get something sorted out, it's so unfair.

  4. Yeah, I'm waiting on a doctor's note now. I still have a feeling that they won't be very accommodating. But we will see what happens I guess. It is definitely unfair. I even let HR know when I went into my interview – and was hired on the spot – that I had RA and that it was being more active, but that was apparently never taken down into my file. I also had sent HR a note back in early November that I needed to talk with them about a disability I have, but NEVER heard back so that's why I went to them in early January.

    I've gone through and completely documented every conversation I've had with them now and kept notes for myself. They better do something at least. Ooof.

  5. HOpe it all turned out okay…I mean, it's a horrible alternative, but do you think you could sue?

  6. I'm not sure how much of a case I have with it, but it's in my mind. I don't really have the funds to do that, and I doubt I'd win it. But the threat might not be bad. I will go in and talk with them tomorrow now, DR letter in hand.

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