juvenile arthritis

We’re Jammin’

And I hope you like jammin’ too!

If by jammin’ you actually mean JAMming for a cure for juvenile arthritis!

This weekend, I’ll be pretty much AWOL from the blog… which I guess isn’t too different from normal. But this time it’s important! Really!

The boyfriend and I will be in Minneapolis at the Mall of America shopping… err… participating in the arthritis walk specifically for raising awareness and money for children affected by any form of juvenile arthritis (JA).

In fact, as this is being posted we should be on the road for the wonderful 5 hour drive from Madison! We are taking a break half way through and switching the driving.

I’m working on paying off debts, so um, we didn’t really donate. I’m down to only about $600 from about $5000 on credit cards since January (thank you extra student loan money and tax return!). But I figure it’ll be fun to head out there. And maybe I can rock my Dr. House cane while I’m at it! Plus it’s been 2 months now since our last mini vacation 🙂

Soooo if you’re going to be/in the Minneapolis area, come check out the march! You can register the day of! And come hang out with meeee!

Doooo ittttttt *peer pressure*

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