HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Health Tagline

Side note: You guys, it’s my birthday! Being 24 gets you nothing new. Oh well. Next year maybe I can rent a car!

I feel like it’s hard to come up with a tagline for my blog – mostly because the name itself is kind of a tagline right?

The boyfriend came up with Not Standing Still’s Disease. It means a lot of things to me. It means that, despite my illness, I am a busy bee. Buzz buzz. More importantly though, it means that I’m fighting back against my disease.

Right now, this has an especially important meaning to me. The last couple of months have been really tough for me – physically, emotionally, and mentally. As my disease calmed, it renewed my passion to fight it. I felt like I could make some headway, and hopefully I will.

I don’t think there’s any better way to sum up my feelings on my illness than saying that I won’t stand it.

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