Clostridium difficile

It’s not some latin word for a treatment for arthritis. Oh no. It’s an infection and it is currently residing in me 🙁

What I thought was food poisoning lasted entirely too long, so on the boyfriend’s birthday we headed to Urgent Care. I felt pretty bad about that but I needed to go. And I’m glad I did, because this beast can actually cause this thing called mega colon – which, aside from sounding like a laxative or fiber supplement, is kind of dangerous and can lead to not fun things… including colostomy and, erm, even death.

So there’s that.

I ended up getting two bags of fluids via IV – my first. Hooray! But then they weren’t sure what it was so I had to take home this kit and then capture my poo. So that was disgusting.

Honestly, it made me feel like I was in a movie with hookers. Basically I felt like Mila Kunis. In related news, I want a Ted bear and I can never look at Giovanni Ribisi the same again *shudder*

Last night I started antibiotics that I get to take 2 times a day for two weeks. Hopefully it kicks this infection, because I got to tell you the pain from this is ridiculous… but on top of it, I can’t do my enbrel until this clears up… and taking my NSAID makes my tummy naturally upset so I’m basically on no meds right now. For like two weeks.


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