Marissa Mae

Where did the month go?

So here we are at the end of another month of me being neglectful. But I’ve been busy! No, seriously!

I’ve been spending time with my adorable niece Marissa. She is soooo smart already and she’s not even a month old yet. And goodness, she is a cutie.

Aaaaahhhhhh baby!

I’ve been doing a little demolition/renovation at my parent’s house, trying to get it ready for when this little one is mobile.

Other than that, you know, I just hung out with Hugh Laurie for a few hours.

We hang out in black and white cause we’re so cool.

Oh? You didn’t?

Oh fine, I didn’t either…

I should clarify. We didn’t hang out… but I did sit five rows away from him playing freaking amazing blues music. I cried. I literally cried. I was full of so many emotions – excitement, amazement, jealousy, sorrow and probably a dozen others.

It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

He is a god on the piano, especially for someone who taught himself essentially as I kinda did. Can you say inspiration?


And in case you doubt this was him (which I doubt but meeeh?):

That was the 19th and I’m still freaking out. I am FREAKING OUT.

Sigh. It was amazing to hear him sing and if you have not you need to GO. LISTEN. NOW. Or watch this video from the show I was at:


St. James Infirmary (live)
Swanee River (live)
Unchain my Heart
Mellow Down Easy (live, seems to be the opener for a lot of shows – it was for ours)

Now that I’ve turned you onto a New Orleans style jazz blues baby in the handsome and clearly capable hands of Hugh Laurie, let’s turn to why I love this man.

He’s Hugh Laurie. Duh.

He has helped me through my illness. He provided a 9-year-old me with something to laugh at in order to distract me from the pain of my illness with Black Adder. He helped teach me about the medical world with House – and helped me to be a better advocate for myself as well. Through the character of House, I decided it was okay to take medication and to see the doctor, to use a cane, and to be a sarcastic bastard. Through this music, he has helped me to cry when I needed to and to push through the pain to play music that I love despite ill-working fingers. The man has virtually affected my entire life.

Side note: I’ve been trying to write him a thank you note but I either cry all over it or feel like I share too much or try too hard to be like him. Oy.

He’s the most hilarious, witty, and intelligent British actor I’ve ever seen. And I love Patrick Stewart, so this super means a lot coming from me. But Hugh is a different breed than most – he can be hilarious and then turn around and pour his heart out in a dramatic role or as an amazing maker of music. He is a writer as well, and has done pieces for some of the most prominent newspapers in the world. He and other television stars started a band to help the Haitians after the earthquake a few years ago. Above all though, the man is bringing back amazing blues and jazz in a way that just tickles me. Watching him play you see that he truly loves this music – he loves it with his entire soul. And he uses that affection to make you feel these emotions too.

I say I hung out with Hugh because watching him play that’s how I felt. He included us in the songs, encouraged us to sing and dance with him, and even thanked audience members who did so. For me, it was a once in a lifetime experience that I want to do over as soon as humanly possible. If you have the chance to see him, dooooooo it and do it soon. The emotional coma afterwards is crazy worth it.

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