Day 11: Humor is the best medicine #NHBPM

Today I get to write about my favorite non-health related thing that improves my life. It is really easy and tempting to write about people in my life and subjects I’ve talked about a lot before. I’ve touched on some of the things that definitely help me get through my days – mostly music and humor. Later on in the month, I’ll touch on the music aspect of things.

Humor, ladies and gentlemen, is how I get through the day. It always has been.

I can’t handle a lot of emotion. Crying, to me, always makes me feel too vulnerable, too weak. Being sad and melancholy is not something I am good at, even when I try. And all deities forbid I should ever have to give a eulogy at a funeral service. That’s the ultimate sad time and everyone is watching you.

Ah, okay, I’ll just do that.

I have always loved Monty Python and, in many ways, I find myself identifying with them. They use their intelligence not to gain really anything from it but to improve people’s lives – in a very silly way obviously. Then again, I like just about all British humour (see what I did there?).

Rowan Atkinson is a comedy god. Not only is he extremely intelligent (hello engineering degree!), but he gets paid to be incredibly silly.

Also comedic gods? Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry:

Not to mention, again, that these two men are incredibly smart. Stephen Fry had been labeled a genius as a child and despite dealing with some tough mental issues he has bounced back and is stronger now because of it. Hugh Laurie, of course as I’ve mentioned before, is like my hero. Not only is he intelligent and hilarious as a performer and writer, he’s quite a talented musician also.

By the way, this is incredibly hard to play on the piano. It took me 15 minutes just to make it up to the point he sings the last time I tried to play it. I feel quite blessed to have seen him perform live.

Okay, I’m done trying to impress you with my love of the hilarious and get down to business.

We’ve all heard the saying about laughter being the best medicine. Yeah, yeah, whatever right?

No seriously, it actually is incredibly great for you! It releases endorphins that help to relieve pain and also reduces stress. It can help lead to decreased risk of things like heart disease and strokes and help to promote bonding with the people you are around.

So watch these videos and laugh and stay healthy 🙂

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