Welcome to February!

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately! I’ve been busy doing great things!

I’ve been picking up the pace of my pool PT, working out at the gym more, and had my nose stuck in several books I hope to be reviewing soon.

I even ran half a mile the other night. It was the most amazing feeling I’ve had in a really really long time. I’ve actually been hitting the gym and/or the pool every day the last few days and it’s really helping me improve things. My spine PT lady was so happy with the progress I’ve made she is having me go through the gym at the PT center to see what exercises she approves of me doing at this point in combination with the pool… I don’t think running is one of them though! I’ll be posting some of my exercises along with example pictures soon.

Along with the book reviews and exercise, I hope to also be doing some posts to raise awareness and collect some information. I may even be throwing out a call for stories to go into a book!


I will be posting more this month – it’s a goal – so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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