HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Day 11: Tweet tweet tweet #HAWMC

It’s springtime (FINALLY OMG) and that means that we get to hear the songs of robins and other gorgeous birds talking to each other about how much snow is still left in clumps all over your property. But this post isn’t about the lovely songbirds brightening your day. It is instead about my favorite social media site.

Twitter is my favorite site for many reasons, most notably for the straightforwardness of the participants and the friends-like-family I have made through using it. Just to be fair, here is my interpretation of social media networks:

On twitter you can be as anonymous or as public about anything as you want. You can front as a celebrity (though not for long) or you can holler at celebrities and maybe even argue with one over phrasing and making jokes about hitting women… not that you’d be following Chris Brown I hope.

One of the best things about twitter is the use of hashtags – and how you can search by them. The #rheum hashtag is the one most often used by people living with rheumatic diseases like RA, lupus, Still’s, and more. You can quickly find other people living with your same condition – or similar conditions – by merely popping into the search bar #fibro or #rheum or #chronicillness. It’s amazing.

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Facebook is… uhhh… a tricky subject. I like facebook and all but it seems to be the place you pretend to be the person your family and friends think you are. It’s the place for horrid arguments on politics, women’s rights, religion, etc. But to be fair, it is also the place to connect with others – in groups and on pages – who go through the same things you do. The thing is that it isn’t so readily broadcast to the rest of the world. This may be good for an individual’s life, but it isn’t so good for awareness – especially when people tired of your posts can just hide what you say.

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And Pinterest… let’s face it, if you’re not getting married, searching for recipes, or very crafty, there is not much that Pinterest has to offer you. It’s great for ideas or for a laugh, but it doesn’t do much in the way of chronic illness unfortunately.

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