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Day 23: Home Lab Meters #HAWMC

Dear blood glucose test meter creators, I have a new project for you!

I hate when I have so long in between rheumy appts and I’m pretty sure I’m flaring but it takes so long to get appts sometimes. There are other times where I don’t think it is bad enough to involve docs, but I’d love the ability to track my flares so when I do have appts I can say ‘I had x flares’ and it could help determine when meds need to be changed or altered.

In order to measure inflammation and other markers, we’d really need something akin to a blood sugar testing meter able to take blood and interpret the results. It would be perfect if the device could measure ESR (elevated sed rate), CRP (c-reactive protein), a CBC (complete blood count), albumin (plasma protein/liver function), creatinine (muscle metabolism/measure of kidney function), and ALT/SGPT (liver enzymes).

It would be great if the results could be sent to your doctor (or if your hospital participates in an online health management program then there). This could allow us to save money on labs (uh oh!) and to monitor our health more closely ourselves and really be a partner in our health management instead of simply just a patient.

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