Wedding Crunch Time!

I get married in *checks phone* 38 days (side note: HOLY CRAAAPPPP). My to do list, while shrinking, feels quite large. Stress is rising and, combined with constantly changing humidity, my body is pisssssssed right now.

I’m actually home sick today thanks to that lovely humidity. T had to wash my hair for me on Sunday because my hands were so painful to really even move. There is definitely an embarrassment that comes along with this. I know it doesn’t matter to T, but it has to do both with dignity and frustration with my own body. To be honest, the fact that we’re a little over a month out from the wedding and I’m feeling that poorly is frightening to me – and makes me glad I have people to do my makeup and hair for me.

I keep meaning to write more, to talk more about what’s going on in my life, but wedding stuff has me busy and/or panicking soooo probably not going to happen until September. That said, I definitely will be updating the facebook page with stories I find, how I’m feeling, and perhaps even a little bit about the wedding!

I’ll see y’all on the flip side of my name change!

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