Marissa Mae, Sammy Jay, sister

Update on Sammy

I’m home. I understand what jet lag is like. I so tired but can’t sleep. I’m barely eating.My asthma is worse. My body doesn’t like Wisconsin.

It’s all worth it.

Sam’s surgery last week went really well. They finished in half the time they allotted. He’s recovering really well. They’ve got him weaned off of morphine. His incision wound is looking good. They moved him from an isolette to a real crib. All his IVs are out. He’s starting to be able to wear clothes again.

The biggest issue is that he is having a hard time latching to eat, so he still has a NG tube. That’ll be something for them to continue to work on before he can go home.

He’s doing even better than anyone expected. Like one of my friends said, he was certainly born into the right family to be a fighter!

If you want to follow his journey, check out the facebook page here. You can also donate to help cover the costs of transportation (gas & tolls) back and forth to the hospital, hotel rooms nearby, or food for my sister and her family here. She lost her job at the end of last year due to an accident she had at work and she was the only one working, so every little bit helps.

I also got to spend time with my niece, which was so super needed.

She seriously looks like a mix between Kelsey at that age and myself, right down to my silly faces.

I did a little bit of exploring on my own, taking a selfie T says I look super skinny in.

I also took sis out to try to make her have fun one day. I think it might have worked.

I may not post as much again for the next week while I work on sleeping and resting a bit. I also have a tattoo I’m working on, with the consultation being tonight at the place I got my last one. I’m pretty excited!

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