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Self-Care Sunday: Birthday edition!

Whoo party time!

By party I of course mean nap in the sunshine, play with the piggies, play some catch or shoot some hoops, and snuggle with my hubby… unlike my namesake, who considers barn raising, quilting, and square dancing a great time.

I also really, really hope there are no tornadoes for me in the near future.


It feels weird this year. When I was younger, there was always this excitement about my birthday. Over the last few years, that has gotten muted, but this year it’s almost gone. I didn’t even really remember until earlier this week that my birthday was so close!

I suppose with everything that’s gone on lately, I haven’t really felt self-focused or very celebratory. My therapist even kinda chastised me, telling me to work more on self care in the coming days and weeks.

I know it’s important, but other things were more important for a while.

Like these cuties! Yes, Sam got to finally go home in the middle of this past week. He’s doing well eating from a bottle and being a cutie. And that big sister of his is stoked he’s home, but also not sure what to do with him now.

I miss them bugs.

As a part of working on focusing on myself in the next little while, here are some articles I’ve found helpful in the last week to get me back on track – if only they could help my body get away from Pacific time and back to Central!

I’ve been a little bit on the naughty side, ignoring meditation since I got back. I have to remember the very real and concrete reasons to do it, including my mental health. Maybe reading these tips will help me get in the right mindset. It helps keep me more sane, so I know it’s important!

Another thing I tend to have a problem with is feeling like I’m on the right track with my decisions and actions. I need to remember to check in with myself using these questions. Having gratitude for what I do have and what I’ve accomplished helps.

When all else fails, I should just dance.

Sometimes I feel really different. I’m awkward in social situations and don’t always know how to get out what I want to say or express. There are a lot of things that help me with that, but especially the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Doctor Who.

It’s okay to be the free-spirited woman I am. It helps me fight for myself and for others better. Being sensitive has drawbacks, it’s true. I wish my sensitive heart and soul came with an owner’s manual! I know that, especially with my soul, I need to practice more self-care… especially, again meditation. But I also know that if I embrace it more, as I tend to do on here, it will take me to the next level.

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