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Post-G8 fun

I’ll have to talk about the experience in a different post, but I had an amazing time at the G8 Arthritis Introspective Gathering this weekend! It was the first time I’ve felt truly comfortable in my own skin, because I think I’ve always kind of denied my illness issues to myself. This blog has been my safe space, but now that’s expanding into real life where I’m putting faces to names.

Even more importantly, I’m meeting amazingly inspirational people.


And now… I’m paying for it.

Sunday was a rough day. I partied a bit on Saturday, by which of course I mean I had a drink (which I did Friday too!) and ate THREE deep fried cheese curds despite being gluten free… Sometimes it’s okay to break some rules if you feel comfortable with it and know the risks. I thought my aching body Sunday morning was just penance for the curds and the humidity.

Sadly, it carried over into Monday, leaving me on the couch most of the day… except the obvious movie date!

Cue my swooning ovaries.


Yes, yes it is.

Um, where was I?

Oh yeah. So what I thought was more fibro pain is clearly Arthur pissed beyond belief at me. He let me play with my friends and discuss him negatively all weekend, but now I get to play his game.

The game of prednisone and athletic tape, NSAIDs and pain pills, naps and using sexytimes pillows to prop up your knees.

More on that another time for sure.

Today I’m trying to rest so that my body can deal… which means I’m trying to ignore the long to-do list that I wrote for myself… it’s not going so well honestly.


For now, I’m going to think of the pred as my personal Tom Hardy, fighting the baddies.

Maybe Bane is a bad example, but his heart was kind of in the right place. I mean, he wanted to rid Gotham of all the corruption… just by blowing it up.

Mad Max could work too.

Note to self: watch some more Tom Hardy movies this week.

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