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Therapeutic Thursday: feminist edition

Oh feminism. The amazing term of equality of the sexes that results in people getting uppity because they don’t actually understand what it means (like equality of the sexes instead of men-haters).

I wanted to share some cool feminist ideas/links/quotes/etc today. Feminism is very much a part of who I am. Growing up, I learned that I could do everything that boys could do. Hell, I built one fine built-in looking bookcase before eighth grade.

Honestly I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was a big part of why I can’t wait until T and I have our own house. I really, REALLY miss working with power tools.

Feminism also showed me that I’m okay the way that I am. I don’t need to fit into certain ideas of beauty or femininity or gender roles. I can be the one-of-a-kind me and that’s totally awesome.

One of the things that I see so much is little kids being pushed into gender roles right away. Boys can’t wear pink (even though that was totally the boy color pre-WWII) and girls can’t like trucks. We tell girls that they’re pretty, but so many of our compliments center on their looks instead of their character. Want to raise brave girls? Check out this link. Making sure girls have positive body image thoughts would help too.

Other things you could do include things like helping to guide girls to strong feminist role models.

Feminism doesn’t just help women either – remember it’s about gender equality.

Miley Cyrus is actually a great example of a feminist. She’s done exactly the things that men do but she ends up ridiculed by some because of it. I’m glad for one that she points out the double standards.

One of my favorite feminist duos is Nicki and Bey.

They’re hilarious, but also know how to get down to business.

Nicki has been very vocal about the fact that she runs her own business in being who she is. She’s run into a lot of people over the years who don’t think women should be rapping or, if they are, they shouldn’t be rising to the top like she does. She’s also be incredibly vocal on other important issues, like staying in school and being yourself.

Bey has done much the same thing. One of the things I love most about these women is how supportive they are of other women. That’s a big part of what this is all about.

I also love that they use their sexuality, something that’s treated like a commodity by men and has been for so long, as a way to get attention of others and getting feminist things done. Honestly, it’s amazing how unsettling that can be for some. Bey has also talked at length about figuring out she could be a sexual being and not be ashamed for it – something Nicki often does by treating male characters in her music as the eye candy roll women often play.

Men should be – and many are – supporting feminism too.

When guys from royalty to music super stars to comedians to the Hulk to Captain Picard are supporting feminism, it shows I think that all men should be on board here.

Of course, one thing that feminism doesn’t always address well is the idea of more than two genders.

This is true of the feminism that tends to be more mainstream – the feminism of the white and privileged. The way to combat this is to step back and recognize how your privilege affects your views and work on being more inclusive.

It really has helped to open up my mind to other things out there, especially through tumblr.

Of course, the disabled are often neglected as well, which is why it’s important for us to make our voices heard through feminism.

Disabled women make 22 cents on the dollar of what a man makes. It’s also legal to pay them even lower than that, depending on where people end up working.

Feminism in history has been a huge supporter of rights for others. It’s time that we take it up for ourselves, for the chronically awesome and disabled, too.

We can do this by discussing sex and sexuality like we deserve pleasure – because we do!

We can do this by discussing how many illnesses affect men more than women and how some, like fibro, are seen (wrongly) as diseases of a hysterical woman.

We can do this by supporting the men who fall ill with stereotypical ‘women’ diseases through the emotional issues they deal with, including masculinity struggles.

We can do this by lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.

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