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Wacky Wednesday: Gordon Ramsay gives me life

If you’ve ever encountered me away from the blog here, you will know that I am pretty timid. I can be outgoing, especially if we connect well or already had a relationship on the internetz prior to meeting in person.

A lot of that has to do with how I was raised and not wanting to open my mouth and look dumb or show my anxiety or whatnot. Lots of factors so it doesn’t really matter.

What DOES matter is that, despite my quiet demeanor, I freaking LOVE Chef Ramsay. I love watching him insult people and light fires under their asses and all that good stuff. Sometimes it helps give me the confidence to deal with some of my shit. Other times, it makes me want to cook badass food that would no doubt impress Chef. Either way, his insults get added to my vocabulary, usually being alternated with Terminator/Arnold quotes while driving in the city.

Chef can be so volatile, but then turn around and so sweet to kids. It’s awesome. And then, of course, there are the memes…

Today’s dose of wackiness is, therefore, a hearty helping of Chef being amazing. Enjoy!

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