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Wacky Wednesday: DINOSAURS!

I have a problem.

A dinosaur problem.

And an Ian Malcolm problem, but that’s besides the point.

Or is it?

Jurassic Park is the first movie that I remember watching at home when it first came out. My family picked up the VHS the day it was released, ordered pizza, and gathered around to watch.

This picture was taken around that same time. We were so little and cute and liked dinosaurs.

Oh how we’d learn.

In the first few minutes, a dude gets eaten and my mind was like WHAT.

I watched the rest of the movie curled into a little ball, getting crazy excited and then freaked out and then worried.

It was amazing.

It’s been 14 years since the last JP movie came out and I’m suddenly six years old again. The TV channels are on board and showing the first movies, which means I wind up sitting on the floor or laying in silly positions on the couch being a doofus and yelling at the TV or singing to the tune of the theme song.

It also means that for the last, oh, two weeks, I’ve been dino-crazy.

See my lunch-themed video with the above soundtrack here. The next day, I ate the same tasty sweet potato nuggets again…

I dragged a not super enthusiastic T to the movie theater with leather recliners (note: spoonie necessity) at 9:45 in the morning. It was SO funny on top of the action. We both loved it. I don’t want to say too much to ruin it.

This past Monday I just felt rotten. T took forever coming home after I left work early with my pain in my hands hitting 7s and 8s on the pain scale. I petted my piggies and cried, which they didn’t like very much – so much so that Oreo is constantly checking on me.

It’s adorable.

T finally got home with the LEGO Jurassic World game and YOU GUYS YOU CAN PLAY ALL THE MOVIES.

If you like LEGO or the JP franchise or just silly video games, get it. I’ve gotten all the way to the new movie now and I’m loving the cool things they included like BEING some of the dinos.

Have you seen Jurassic World yet? Or played the game? What are your thoughts?

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