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Self-care Sundays: being honest with yourself

When I started kineret at the end of July, I hoped that it would be my miracle drug. After all, it was why I changed insurance so I could change my rheumatologist.

So far so good. My sed rate went from being consistently above 30 to SIX in A MONTH.

NBD (no actually it’s a huge deal and I cried for an hour in my office and called to share with my sister as if I’d found out I was pregnant).

I knew that I was having problems, but I guess I never really stopped to examine what exactly was going on with myself.

Over the last two weeks, though, I’ve legitimately cried over my body functioning well.

I have toes like look like real toes instead of baby hippos!

I have ankles instead of cankles!


I can open the piggies’ water bottles without a grippy and crawl around on the floor with them more. I can open cereal packages, including the plastic! I can walk a lot without wanting to die. My brain is functioning with minimal (if any) brain fog – and that’s with less caffeine than usual! I’m not freezing all the time!

I’m accomplishing things that I want to do and suggesting better things for improvement at work!

These are all things I haven’t seen or experienced in a long time… I don’t think I’ve seen my toes look normal in 22 years.

After the second week and a little into the third, the injection site reactions seem to have stopped. I’ve been icing before and after the injection, and sticking to my stomach because everywhere else sucks.

The only drawback is that the medication seems to be having more of a waking effect on me, so that combined with the extra energy means I’ve been having a harder time sleeping than I’d like.

It’s interesting though. I’ve always considered myself to not be as bad off as others, but I’m starting to think that was a coping mechanism. Whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure. I wish that I was able to be a little more honest with myself without the improvement – not that I’d trade it! It’s just hard to know how badly I’ve been doing in the past now.

What are some ways you have found to be more honest with yourself?

I’m so glad that I’m doing better before my trip to Stanford. I hope that you’ll join me on my MedX journey Sept 24-27! I’ll be live tweeting the whole time so hit me up@kirstie_schultz, catch the live streams at the Medicine X website, and join in the conversations using the tag #MedX.

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