Musings on feeling better (featuring Bob’s Burgers)

One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately has been the idea of remission. I’ll be writing more and more about it throughout the months to come I know. The whole idea has me feeling like Tina Belcher…


I’m worried. I know that remission doesn’t last forever, and what happens if I get it? Do I pretend I’m normal? Cause I think we’re a little past that.

I would be lying if I thought this was ever a possibility.

Of course, I wouldn’t ever feel this good if I hadn’t taken my health into my own hands and done some doctor – and med – searching. My care team is amazing and they really work together, which makes everything so much better for me.

I had a heart to heart with my PT this week on what to do when she discharges me. I told her I would love to run again…

But no one on my care team seems to be a fan of that – at least, not until I lose weight, which makes sense.

It’s going to take a lot for me to not overdo it and eff up my body (again…).

In any case, remission for me would not be running marathons I guess. I’m okay with that… mostly.

We’re told remission will get us all better, but if you can’t be normal, is that really true?

I’ll leave you with one final, haunting question…

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