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Ways you can manage your medications better (and a sweepstakes!)

It’s no secret that I love my PillPack.

I get my meds delivered every two weeks in convenient tear-off pouches. They have a great online system for me to manage my meds, including the non-packet ones like my inhaler and such.

The packets also say what’s in them for each time you take them and include dosages which is really nice, especially when traveling.

Believe it or not, PillPack is not the only way to get super organized.

There are even apps that help dispense pills like Lumma!

Other apps like Medisafe, My Medical App, and iTriage can help track your meds as well, even reminding you to take them.

MyRa from Crescendo Bioscience is a great comprehensive app that allows you to track labs, symptoms, and medications.

And Arthritis Power from Creaky Joints can do this too (check out this previous post for more info).

Of course, sometimes the tried and true ways work best.

I found this beauty last year during Small Business Saturday in Branson, Missouri. Since I have PillPack though, I never use it anymore…

In the spirit of Christmas and passing on great things, I’m giving away this gorgeous pill organizer over on the facebook page. Why not come by and enter?

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