chronic sex

What is #ChronicSex? First chat TONIGHT!

#ChronicSex is a discussion about how we treat ourselves (self-love and self-care), our relationships, and, of course, actual sexytimes.

The first chat will be TODAY at 7pm EST on Twitter, with chats regularly occurring every Thursday evening from 7-9 EST roughly. We’ll likely be skipping 12/24 and 12/31, with a few dates here and there canceled or delayed due to later evening meetings I have at work.

To be clear, just like in any relationship, we’ll likely build up to talking sex by talking about loving ourselves (emotionally and physically) first and moving through the relationship bits before getting to full on sexytimes.

That said, if sexytimes aren’t things you like to discuss via Twitter, we have a private, super-secret facebook group too, but you have to add me as a friend to get in.

If you ever have questions you’d like to ask but are worried, feel free to private message me or email me and I’ll ask them in an anonymous way.

#ChronicSex is to get us thinking about ourselves as sexual (or non-sexual) beings worthy of love.

I hope you’ll join us!

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