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Ode to Alan Rickman

Right now I cannot comply.

Like many, I woke up this morning to the sad, sad news that Alan Rickman passed away from cancer at age 69.

Alan was my first celebrity crush. I was a tiny bit enamored with him.

Okay, more than a tiny bit, but I couldn’t let it show. I was kinda young ya know.

My family loved watching the Die Hard films as well as Robin Hood, so I was exposed to him on the regular.

You cannot deny that he was an attractive man, incredibly talented as an actor of both stage and screen.
And that voice!
He was great at being a sarcastic bastard, something I appreciated TONS in my teens.
Of course, he was in the Harry Potter films as Snape, a character we all loved to hate until the end. I’ve talked before about how helpful the HP franchise was to me finding my voice, to not feeling alone growing up in an abusive household.
On seeing the news this morning, I instantly wanted to stay home from work and toast this amazing man.

Alas, I had to work today.

My next feeling, though, was anger.

First Bowie and now Rickman? Both the same age and both fighting cancer? In the same week?

I have too many of the feels. Bowie’s death left me numb, but this death… Someone that ended up being so integral in my life in different ways at different times… I sat on the couch and cried this morning before getting in the car… and crying… before getting to work… and crying into my coffee.

I have no doubt that I’ll be enjoying a beverage (and the ice cream in my freezer) tonight in honor of this man.

Sleep tight, Half-Blood Prince.

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