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My Shot

My latest obsession is Hamilton, for so many reasons.
I don’t think I’m the best writer ever, but I can identify with Hamilton as he’s described here. 
I’m a bastard and almost an orphan… by choice, but still. I kept my guard up for a really long time until it became clear that I couldn’t anymore.
I write testaments to my pain.
There are a million things I haven’t done yet.
I’m heading to New York soon on the basis of my writing… only for a few days, but still.
Perhaps one of the biggest ways that I identify with Hamilton through this musical is through this song:
I got a lot of brains, but I’m not really as polished as I should be. 
I’m not as scrappy as I used to be, but I’m also not throwing away my shot.
I try to help other patients rise up.
I didn’t think I’d live long, whether due to physical or mental illness.
And I’m passionate about politics!
Okay, so that was a little… convoluted. I know.
We all like to see ourselves as the underdogs sometimes. It gives us that fighting spirit that we need to make it through the hard times… and, well, I’ve had more than my share of those.
Plus, Lin-Manuel is pretty cool in general.

Gnight you. Yes, you. You there, LOOKIN FRESH AS HELL. Check you out. Leavin a trail of people dreaming about you in your wake.
Posted by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I just wish Hamilton wasn’t sold out when I head to NYC!

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