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More on Hamilton

Does a particular song or piece of music get you energized?

Right now, the Hamilton soundtrack is my jam.
It is better than I can explain in words, but I’ll try.
Alexander Hamilton led a very interesting life. He grew up in rough conditions where his father left and he lost his mother at a young age. After a hurricane swept through his town, his fellow citizens took up a collection that would get him to New York.
He rose up to be one of the most influential people in the founding of the United States.
He joined a militia and quickly rose to be George Washington’s right-hand man. Hamilton was finally able to lead troops – what he wanted most – in the battle of Yorktown. He was in Congress for a time and then resigned to practice law. 
Hamilton founded the Bank of New York, turned King’s College into Columbia University, brought up The Federalist Papers, was appointed the first Secretary of the Treasury, established the US Mint, stabilized the post-Revolutionary War economy, founded the New York Post and the Coast Guard, and more.
He also had the first sex scandal of the US… so there’s that.
Dude led an interesting life. He was a fighter and did a million and one things. He grew up having to fend for himself. His writing helped get things done and enact change.
Aside from the sex scandal and whole death-by-duel thing, I’m a lot like Hamilton.
I’m stubborn like him too!
Why is Hamilton basically the only thing I listen to?
I see a kindred spirit in the characters. Like Hamilton, I have tons of ideas but not always the best way of sharing them or enacting them. Like Burr, I sometimes wait too long to enact a plan.
The music is amazing from the rap to the strong female vocals.
In the end, it’s the American story that we all want to have – rising up from nothing to something. It’s the story I want to have… you know, without the being shot and killed by your buddy thing.

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